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Better together: harnessing the power of equity, diversity and inclusion


Building safer, progressive and inclusive workplaces equipped with actionable and effective anti-oppressive practices 

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Powerful, results driven diversity, equity and inclusion education, assessments and solutions designed to empower your team and grow your organization and business. 

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DEI Assessments, Audits and Surveys

 Get to the core of diversity, equity and inclusion needs at your organization using data-driven solutions

Training & Education

Unlock your team's potential with tailored, and accessible anti-oppression training and education for all audiences.

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Prevention & Repair

Address, repair and prevent harm in the workplace by using research-based methods for promoting accountability, and conflict-free resolution strategies

Strategic planning & Capacity building

Turn intention into action by developing strategic directives that amplify organizational strengths and build capacity for long-term, sustainable success. 

Why Choose Bettering?

An accessible, respectful and data-driven approach to diversity, equity and inclusion services. 

Bettering transforms members of your team into leaders equipped with practical and actionable anti-oppression practices.


We translate critical theory, data, and the lived-reality of staff and leadership into strategic directives and solutions designed to uplift, protect and empower your team.