At Work

What We Offer

Bettering experts help your team transform into DEI leaders, equipped with practical anti-oppression knowledge to build safe, diverse, inclusive and equitable workplaces. 

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  • Surveys to measure workforce diversity

  • Assessment of the current state of DEI at your workplace:

    • Where do we stand?​

    • Where do we need to be? 

  • Audit and investigation of organizational structure, policies, protocols and culture to identify gaps and vulnerabilities in DEI needs

Teenage Students Raising Hands
  • Transform your team into DEI leaders with custom, powerful and accessible anti-oppression training

  • Foster & cultivate safety, respect and inclusivity in your workplace with training and education on:

    • Anti-racism​

    • Accessibility

    • Gender-based violence prevention

    • Decolonization

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  • Develop an organizational vision & identity 

  • Identify strategies, resources and motivation to bring your vision to life 

  • Execute a long-term, sustainable plan to attain organizational goals and mandates

  • Identify triggers for conflict & patterns of DEI gaps in the infrastructure of your organization 

  • Repair trust between team members using trauma-informed conflict-resolution strategies

  • Strengthen organizational and individual accountability skills

Accountability Guarantee

Our team prioritizes the safety, well-being and happiness of the workplace communities we serve. Our accountability guarantee consists of 90-day, 180-day, and annual check-ins to measure the efficacy of our services in fostering diversity, equity and inclusion within your organization.