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Relevant Services

DEI Assessment & Audit

A deep dive into the core of your organization's DEI needs. 

  • Audit and investigation of in-house policies and protocols to identify DEI gaps and vulnerabilities 

  • Develop data-driven solutions to bridge organizational DEI gaps

  • Learn where your organization currently stands:

    • Where are we at when it comes to DEI? ​

    • Where do we want to go?

    • How do we get there?

DEI 101

A crash course in actionable practices in the workplace for: 

  • Gender-based violence prevention

  • Anti-racism 

  • Accessibility

  • Decolonization

Intended for new team members, and onboarding student and staff leaders.

Strategic Planning

Advance your team's commitment to DEI by developing a sustainable and accountable action plan.

  • Take stock of organizational priorities

  • Identify DEI goals

  • Develop actionable, measurable long-term goals

Policy & protocol development

Developing processes, protocols and policies for addressing diversity, equity and inclusion in the workplace. 

  • Working with leadership and team members to identify DEI interests 

  • Developing policies for use in the workplace based on industry best-practices

  • Developing workplace training and onboarding manuals

Ally Intervention Training

Safe ways to intervene in moments of injustice and inequity.

  • Strategies are developed tailored to the environment of the workplace

  • Includes strategies for interrupting violence that occurs virtually

In-depth anti-oppression training

The nitty-gritty of specific DEI subjects, tailored to the needs of your team: 

  • Reflects the interests and lived-experiences of your team 

  • Hones in on specific DEI fields including, but not limited to:

    • Racism

    • Gender-justice

    • Religious and cultural belonging 

    • Accessibility 

Lead consultant

Zanab Jafry Shah (She/her)

  • Specialized in the delivery of trauma-informed DEI education, Zanab Jafry is an anti-oppressive practices specialist serving as the Manager of Inclusion, Diversity, Equity and Accessibility (IDEA) for the largest university research hospital network in North America, serving Toronto General Hospital, Toronto Western Hospital, Princess Margaret Cancer Research Centre and the Michener Institute

  • 1st-generation South Asian immigrant, Zanab has championed the needs of newcomers affected by sexual violence, disparities in health care and the criminal justice system

  • She is an experienced gender-based violence (GBV) specialist, and former GBV specialist for Ryerson University 

  • Project lead for Courage to Act: 1) developing comprehensive academic accommodations for survivors of GBV 2) developing a guide to assembling coordinated GBV response teams on North American college campuses

  • Founder of the Memorial Yosif Al-Hasnawi Dismantling Racism in Health Care lecture series 

  • Trained in community mediation and Alternative Dispute Resolution, Zanab believes there is room for everyone in DEI work and aims to bring as many voices to the table as possible

Above the Clouds

Our stor(ies)

Like you and your team, our founders also have a story to tell. 

Bettering was founded by people of color whose experiences with systemic oppression inspired their decision to develop solutions to make workplace communities, safer, happier and more inclusive. 

To learn more about our stories, and why we do what we do, we welcome you to schedule a call with our founders and get to know us a little better.