Above the Clouds

Transforming workplaces with dignity, patience and respect.

Our Vision

Re-imagining the workplace

The majority of our lives are spent at work. 

We spend more time with our colleagues, supervisors, and customers than with our partners, friends, or relatives.


Feeling safe, empowered, and respected at work matters. A lot. 

Our goal at Bettering is to cultivate workplace infrastructure that, by its very construction, celebrates and empowers diverse leadership while fostering inclusivity, accessibility and equity. We want to transform organizations, companies and businesses into places people feel safe to work in, and feel proud to be a part of. 

Working Together
Above the Clouds

Bettering experts cut through the noise and develop solutions that bring together 4 guiding principles in everything we do.

Gender-Based Violence Prevention 




Our Method

A principled, practical approach to cultivating culture change

Patience, dignity and


Our goal at Bettering is to meet people wherever they are at in their pursuit of adopting anti-oppressive practices.

Whether you're new to the world of DEI, or the local office expert, our goal is to enhance everyone's understanding of principles for fostering inclusivity, equity and diversity in a way that is accessible, respectful, dignified and easy to put into practice. 

Systemic solutions

for systemic problems

Dismantling centuries of oppressive structures that govern modern workplace environments is neither a simple, nor quick process.


We recognize that no single job position, office or organization can tackle DEI issues alone. We keep our focus on the bigger picture: advancing culture change by implementing systemic DEI education, policy and protocol. These DEI interventions are designed with care using data from your own organization, industry best-practices and the lived-experiences of your team. 


Our stor(ies)

Like you and your team, our founders also have a story to tell. 

Bettering was founded by people of color whose experiences with systemic oppression inspired their decision to develop solutions to make workplace communities, safer, happier and more inclusive. 

To learn more about our stories, and why we do what we do, we welcome you to schedule a call with our founders and get to know us a little better.